I’ll bet anything that you’ve read at least one article about how keeping a journal is an amazing habit, that it can help you sort your thoughts. Or you’ve heard about it from one of your friends or family members. We all know this, but just some of us actually do it. We think that this beautiful habit has only the best interests for us at its heart. Wouldn’t that be awesome? The thing is that every thing in our world has also the bad side.

I’ve kept my journal for couple of years in different forms. I had a…

The story behind this one: I met someone, a few months ago. She is amazing (yes, I still think so), sweet, kind. And she was from the very beginning. At first, I thought this will be just another friendship I will have, ’cause she lives all the way in the US. Well, sometimes I can’t believe my “luck”. We have hit it off and we both started to catch feelings. We decided to try a long distance relationship. Everything was amazing, I’ve met her friends, we were calling and talking, an occasional disagreement appeared, but that’s not news to me.

Hi! I’m Claire, I’m white. And I admit, that thanks to my skin, I am privileged more than people of colour. That breaks my heart.

Because I was born white, I do NOT have to worry about people thinking I am a threat, I am dangerous.
Because I was born white, I do NOT have to fear for my life when I go running.
Because I was bon white, I do NOT have to fear for my life when cops pull me over.
That is all just because I was lucky enough to be born white. This is just a fracture of what actually white privilage means and it shows that it is true. …

I’ve challenged myself to write for the next 30 days for at least 5 minutes (ya know, to make it a habit). And I will take you with me on this journey. The stories will be posted weekly, but I promise I’m writing each day!

She had followed the woman for over a week and now her patience was next to zero. When Alice finally saw the woman once again, she sped up and caught up with her with these words:

“How the hell do you dare to do that?” she whispered through her teeth. She knew that she couldn’t make a scene, so rather she decided to keep it quiet. The other woman, Jenn, was clearly shocked and startled and she did not recognize the person confronting her, but she decided to play her game.

“How the hell do you know that?” …

Before I actually tell you the reasons, let me tell you something about me. I’m in my 20s and I’ve saved a life, helped in a couple of car crashes. No, this is not a brag. This is just to show that to help people you don’t have to be old, you can get certified I think from the age of 16 (applicable to EU countries), but it was proven multiple times that a child can save a life.

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1. Protect yourself, your family and friends

By protect I don’t mean that you will become their bodyguard or something, but…

Motivation is nothing compared to drive, hustle and hard work.

I am that kind of person that wants to work on herself, get better every day, learn new things etc. It does seem that we are the flavor of the month, right? The thing is we didn’t get here, where we are today. Let me share my story on how I changed my mindset.

Four years ago, I had the mindset that I will do what’s necessary, but I will not go the extra mile. I mean why should I? I am not getting paid for it, many times people don’t even appreciate the minimum that you do, not to…

Bad teachers are good!

I think we all had a bad teacher somewhere at one point in our lives and I have the unpopular opinion that they are actually very useful and good for us. And even more for people who want to become teachers as well.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

I am one of those who are studying teaching, specifically teaching of English language and literature and philosophy. It is in my “school description” to actually think a lot about things that I see around me, and which can and will affect me. …

Some things in life can be mixed, some simply cannot. I believe that phone and productive, efficient work don’t go together.

When I am working, I need to be focused and in my working zone, which means that I filter out everything that is not necessary for my work. Often, when my friends or family want to talk to me, they have to either speak up at a bit louder tone or come directly into my field of sight. This kind of zoning out can be achieved by every single of us, it just takes a few things that you have to “give up”. One of those is your phone, but don’t put it completely away.

Why phone? There are studies…

How did I go from hating morning routine to loving it by simply realizing one element.

We all have read couple articles maybe even scientific studies about how morning routines help us be more productive during our work day, how it kickstarts our days etc.

Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

Sure, they are great, and we often read manuals or guides how to develop a morning routine that will help us. In most of them we can read something like this.

Do something active (jog, walk, quick workout), read news or book, have healthy breakfast and tea or coffee and, yeah, don’t forget to meditate.

Sounds familiar?

Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of routines. They can be…

Do you remember being told that working a lot pays off? I certainly do and when the reality check came, I got slapped hard. And I woke up with different mind set.

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I was told that I have to work a lot on what I want to do in my life and that the work will eventually pay off. Well, then the reality check came, and it was different from what I expected.

Even now the influencers are all about hustling and putting the time in something you want etc. Sure, they are right…

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